About Us

Our Mission

To bring talented people together to create exciting, thought-provoking English-language theatre in Korea

Who we are

Seoul Players is an English-speaking theatre company in Seoul, South Korea. We’re a non-profit group who bring English-language theater to Seoul.

Seoul Players brings talented people together to create exciting English-language theatre in Korea. All those involved with the Seoul Players volunteer their time for their love of theater.

Seoul Players welcomes all who are interested in auditioning, performing, volunteering, or watching high-quality English theatre in Korea.

Seoul Players hopes to broaden awareness in Korea of foreign theatre and offer Korean students an English learning experience. 


Seoul Players was formed in late 2001 by Roman Zolnierczyk, a keen Australian thespian, and business executive, who was then living in Seoul. At that time, there was very little English-speaking theater in Seoul.

The Seoul Players’ first production was staged in June 2002 during the Korea / Japan World Cup. Since then we’ve staged approximately 2 full-scale productions per year.

Over the past 15  years, we have staged many different styles of plays, from the zany ‘The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr’ to the technically difficult and dramatic ‘Hitchcock Blonde’. Check out our production gallery for more information on each production staged.

If you are interested in participating in any Seoul Players productions, please find information on our homepage for current information, and add yourself to our mailing list: (mailing list form)

Current Sponsors


Become a Sponsor

Are you seeking a way to serve your Seoul Community and foster the arts? Look no further! Seoul Players happily accepts assistance through donations of services, goods or cold hard cash. Most in need these days is space: rehearsal space, performance space, event space, etc. If you think you have a way to help our organization, please contact us! ​​