10MPF Writers

We are back!!!

Calling all writers, near and far! Seoul Players is seeking new 10-minute scripts for its Annual Ten Minute Play Festival. This is your chance to give that script you’ve been hemming and hawing about a run for its money!

1) Please make sure your script conforms to the “Formatting Guide” standards provided here. To better assess scripts as they come in, please submit your play twice: once “blind” with no author identification and once again with full identification. The producers will make sure that assessment readers only read the anonymous scripts but that full accreditation will be given once the final scripts have been chosen.

2) Scripts must be for a production that is no longer than 10 minutes in length. Please keep in mind the feasibility of production (i.e. no elaborate sets or special effect requirements).

3) Please submit your scripts in Adobe PDF file format only. This makes it easier for all of our readers to access the script. 

Three for Free! (Now Closed)

From March 4th to the end of the month, playwrights can submit up to three plays for free. All further submissions will require a $5.00/5,000 won* submission fee and there is no limit to paid submissions. Chosen scripts will be announced in June.  Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 pm Friday, May 31st, Korea Time (GMT +9). 

*Due to the cost of this production, your submission fees will go directly toward the rental cost of the theatre and prizes for the winners (to be announced later). 

By submitting your play for consideration you are agreeing to allow Seoul Players performance rights, and if your script is selected, for up to three performances in Seoul, Korea. These performances will be photographed and may be video recorded. Further, you are agreeing that Seoul Players owes you no royalty payments. We will credit you in all playbills/promotions for the festival, and we will provide you with digital photos of your play being performed. You are also granting us permission to film your play to be shared publicly via YouTube and our website. 

Please submit PDF files only, and use the 10 MPF Submissions page linked here.

Get involved! Be active!