The Birds

by Aristophanes

2019 Spring Main Stage


What kind of people thirst for dominance? 

How do they accomplish their goals, and once they achieve them, are they capable of stopping?

Written by Aristophanes circa 414 BCE near the end of an uneasy truce between Athens and Sparta during the Peloponnesian War, The Birds looks at demagogues and their rise to power. The story follows Pithetaerus, an Athenian who persuades the world’s birds to create a new city in the sky, thereby gaining control over all communications between humans and gods.

“We live in a time where seemingly stable governments are flirting with demagogues and dictators who resort to flattery,” says director Jamie Horan. “They promise great things, but it’s their own self-interest with which we should be concerned. As a satire, this play couldn’t be more relevant to contemporary society.”

Director Jamie Horan is an actor, playwright, and director living in Seoul. He got his start in theatre at six years old in an Iowan community production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. After moving to North Carolina and getting involved in community theatre, he attended UNCG where he took an interest in play-writing and directing. Jamie returned to the stage in the Seoul Players 2014 Ten Minute Play Festival and has since performed in various Seoul Players and Seoul Shakespeare Company productions. His directing credits include Michael Prince’s Capstone Performance (co-written with Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski) in 2015, Bunny Man in 2016, and Paper and Ink in 2018.


Simon Clarke as Pithetaerus
Toni Timmins as Euelpides
Maurice Turner as Epops
JeongYeon Lee as Procne
Maria Fernanda Silva as Trochilus, Leader, Chorus
Heather McRae as Priest-bird, Herald/Messenger, Promethea, Chorus
Michael Everhard as Poet, Barbarian God, Chorus
Brian Petersen as Prophet, Neptune, Chorus
Jungsoo Lee as Iris, Inspector, Chorus
Chris Sponagle as Lawyer, Hercules, Messenger, Chorus
Jennifer Lienig as Captain, Messenger, Chorus
Chaewon Yun as Real Estate Woman, Messenger, Chorus

The Crew

Producer: Mallory Dowd
Stage Manager: Sarah Grover
Assistant Stage Managers: Cassandra Broeker and Yuliya
Technical Director: Brian Petersen
Lighting Designer: John Campbell
Costume Designer: Elizabeth K. Braak
Assistants to the Costume Designer: Emma Kalka and Cami Otten
Props Master: Chris Zaczek
Puppet Master: Marley Herckner
Soundboard Operator: Noah Peterson
Composer: John Michaels
Front of House Manager: Lorne Oliver
Front of House Crew: Andrea Tollefsen, Mia Zepeda, Shawn Harrison
Korean Translation/Subtitles by: Su Hahn
Graphic Designer: Ryan Walters
Photography: Robert Michael Evans


Dates & Times:
Saturday, March 23rd (3 pm, 7 pm) 
Sunday, March 24th  (3 pm) 
Saturday, March 30th (3 pm, 7 pm) 
Sunday, March 31st  (3 pm)
Saturday, April 6th (3 pm, 7 pm)

Post-performance Q&A:
Sunday, March 31st, following the performance

Presented in English with Korean subtitles.

Yeollim Hall (열림홀)
136-25 Yeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (near Jongno 5ga Station)
서울특별시 종로구 연지동 136-25

    20,000 won at the door (cash only)
    15,000 advance
    Group discounts and student tickets are also available.