9th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

November 15 – 23, 2019 at Yeollim Hall, Jongno

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s festival amazing! Thanks to the writers, the directors, the actors, the production team, and especially the audience. Without you, we would not have any shows!! 

Without further ado, here are the winners of the
​9th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival!!

Here are some photos of the 9th Annual Festival on our Facebook page:
2019 10MPF Photos

Banana Pudding

1st place winner

Playwright: Kelli Lynn Woodend
Director: Raymond Salcedo
Featuring: Carlyn Jones, Stephan Matthee, Maria Fernanda Silva, and Marty Silva

Caleb and Rita

2nd place winner

Playwright: Jessica Moss
Director: Chris Sponagle
Featuring: Rowan Crabtree and Corlia Wilkens

The Train

3rd place winner

Playwright: Irene L. Pynn
Director: Kathryn Dunn
Featuring: Alameen Saidu and Amanda Conkey

Other Finalists:

By Scott Mullen
Directed by Josh Kroot

The Sentience Test
By Emily Hageman
​Directed by Ally SavalAudience-voted winners from Program B

Playing With Fired
By Steven Hayat
Directed by Maria Fernanda Silva

By Rachael Carnes
Directed by Mark Dorman

Sex Witch
By Jo PK and Jamie Horan
​Directed by Cassandra Broeker

Other Plays in Program A:

Stalled Kiss
By T. James Belich
Directed by Corlia Wilkens

Snap, Snap, Boom
By Shannon Murdoch
Directed by Toni TImmins

Don’t Push the Red Button
By Eric Sanders
​Directed by Tmothy Hill

​Other Plays in Program B:

Mother’s Day
By Robin Baron
Directed by Stephanie Paige

By Chris Zaczek
Directed by Jeffery Wagner

Twas the Day After Christmas
By Steven Korbar
Directed by Matt Hall