10 MPF Submissions

In order to submit scripts for the upcoming festival, we will require you to submit scripts in PDF format: one blind (no names or identification) and one in full. This is so that our readers can assess the scripts for performance in our festival with as few personal biases as possible.

Please send an email to this email link. The email address is seoulplayers2010@gmail.com and the subject line should be “10MPF Script Submission”. Please include your full name and any other pertinent information in the email.

Once the “free submission period” has passed, any further submissions will cost $5 via PayPal (prof.oliver@gmail.com) or 5,000 won by direct deposit to CitiBank 씨티은행 (027): 183-00953-265-01 with the name OLIVER LORNE EDWARD. If you do make a direct deposit, please make sure to include your name in the “note” as a reference so we can easily verify the deposit. In your email submission, please indicate whether you have paid for the submission by PayPal or Direct Deposit so it can be verified.