Seoul Players Ticketing

Advanced ticketing for the 10th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival 2022 has now closed.

Tickets will be available at the door for 25,000 won.

Here is what we have on offer today!

10th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival
제10회 서울 플레이어스 텐 미닛 단막극 페스티벌

We’re back! After a long involuntary hiatus, the Ten-Minute Festival is on again. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Show dates are:
Friday, November 11th @ 8 PM (Program A: six plays)
프로그램 A 11/11 (금) 밤 8시
Saturday, November 12th @ 8 PM (Program B: seven plays)
프로그램 B 11/12 (토) 저녁 8시
Saturday, November 19th @ 8 PM (1st round winners: eight plays)
결선 라운드 11/19 (토) 저녁 8시

The venue will be Dulwich College
6 Sinbanpo-ro 15-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
공연장소 : 덜위치 칼리지 (서울 서초구 신반포로 15길, 6) 

9호선 신반포역 1번 출구에서 도보 280m

There is paid parking available at the school.
유료 주차 가능

Ticket prices are:
20,000 won (up to 24 hours in advance)
24시 간 전 예매시 20,000원
25,000 at the door
(available from 7 PM to showtime, if seating is available).
현장구매시 25,000원 (7 PM 부터 공연 전까지)
There is also a Package Ticket for all three shows for 50,000 won total.
3회 공연을 모두 관람하실 수 있는 패키지 티켓 50,000원

Students can get tickets at the door for 20,000 won.
현장구매 학생증 제시 시 학생할인 20,000원
If you have a group of 10 or more, let us know and there will be a discount available.
10명 이상 단체 할인 가능

For direct deposit banking information, email with the title: “10MPF Tickets“. Please include the number of tickets you wish to purchase and the show(s) you would like to attend. You will receive a response and confirmation of payment and seating within 24 hours.
예매 방법 : seoulplayers@gmail.com으로 “10MPF Tickets”
제목으로 공연 일시, 매수 꼭 써서 메일을 보내주시면 24시간 이내계좌이체 정보를 보내드립니다.